Collaborating for Success

May’s featured dealer, Daniel R. Cote of Aquamax of Maine, is an advocate of collaboration between dealers – even if they are competitors. When he started his business, he formed relationships with other industry professionals in an effort to learn more about the industry, and he maintains many of those relationships today. In fact, he considers many of them good friends, and turns to them when he has an idea to discuss or a problem he is trying to solve. “We should all be working for the main goal of satisfying that particular customer,” he said.

These types of relationships can be invaluable, especially for a small business. Dealers can be great resources to another, whether they are able to provide advice on dealing with a difficult employee or advice on solving a particular water quality issue they have encountered before. Additionally, collaboration is one of the great benefits of being a member of industry associations – they allow networking between dealers from across the country.

Click here to see the complete Dealer of the Month profile on Cote and his business.


Kate Cline is editor-in-chief of WQP. Cline can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1007.

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