Commercial Seawater RO Systems

SWC Series reverse osmosis systems are available with capacities ranging from 380 gal per day to 7,600 gpd and maximum feedwater total dissolved solids of 42,000 parts per million. Pure Aqua offers standard SWC Series units as well as customizable systems to fit your water application needs. Whether it's for your luxury yacht, cruise liner or five-star resort on the beach, Pure Aqua has the right commercial seawater reverse osmosis system for your project. Each unit features a 5 micron pre-filter, a duplex SS high pressure pump, glycerin-filled 316 SS pressure gauges, product and reject flow meters, epoxy-coated steel frame, TFC spiral wound membranes, an FRP membrane housing, a stainless steel pressure regulating valve for reject stream, high-pressure tubing, an automatic feedwater shut-off valve, and an easy access control panel.


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