Thoughts From the Road: Small Commercial Systems

May 27, 2008
The need for water treatment exists outside of the home

About the author: Jeff Roseman is owner of Aqua Ion Plus+ Technologies. Roseman can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].

After many years of being on the road and having to use water from various sources, the surface of the water treatment industry, in my opinion, is not even being scratched.

I am sure many other road warriors, whether in water treatment or not, can attest to this statement: Hotels, restaurants, rest areas and coffee shops all need the help of water treatment personnel.


Many hotels battle hard water deposits, iron stains and odor in their water. This is a big turnoff for many guests, and some may not even stay at the hotel again because of poor water conditions. This can reflect poorly on the quality of the hotel.

Water dealers need to help educate hotel management on chemical savings for washing towels and bedclothes. These savings alone can pay for a treatment system in a short time. Chemical savings for cleaning sinks and showers are greatly reduced when using soft water, and labor costs are drastically reduced as well.

The Restaurant Scene

Restaurants require more soap and suffer from spotted glasses and utensils. This, again, can reflect on the quality of the establishment, especially when bathrooms look dingy and dirty because of staining and poor water quality. The smell of chlorine in water is a real turnoff for some people, and chlorine alters the taste of coffee and tea.

Iron can also ruin soft drinks or a good cup of coffee or tea. Simple carbon filters are just not enough to solve severe water problems, but many drink vendors think carbon is the answer to all water problems. We know that coffee is better when brewed with reverse osmosis water, which also requires fewer grounds to make our favorite java or cappuccino. This could be a significant savings for a restaurant or coffee shop and equipment cleaning would be easier and last longer.

Solve the Problem

These are just a few suggestions for more sales opportunities. These sales may be harder to close in many cases but the return can be very lucrative. Educating the public should take priority in this new age of water treatment. Information is the new key to prosperity in water treatment sales and service; however, we all need to get on the same page, because the customer has access to information and can become educated from the Internet, books and media.

Selling to potential customers from a savings perspective is sometimes easier than a technical or equipment approach, but be sure to solve the problem and not just move the product.

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