Jun 24, 2013

Effects of Ozone Technology Highlighted at Clean Show

Independent study shows positive effects of cold water ozone laundering on extending the life of linens

ClearWater Tech Clean Show Ozone Laundering Linen Life Cost Reduction

ClearWater Tech officials discussed the many benefits, supported by an independent study, of the positive effects cold water ozone laundering has on extending the life of linens, at the Clean Show in New Orleans at the Morial Convention Center June 20 to 22. 

Dr. Jan Ballard, extension specialist and supervisor of the Physical Testing Laboratory of the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University, joined ClearWater Tech President and CEO Cameron Tapp and Marc DeBrum, assistant sales manager — applications engineer, to discuss the report.

“As we have known for some time, this study confirms that EcoTex is the ideal “cold water catalyst” for on-premise laundering operations,” Tapp said. “Ozone laundering has proven to be very effective [and] safe and has a dynamic performance record. For any hotel, hospital, senior and long-term care facilities, and correctional institutions, there is a tremendous upside and value in switching to a cold-water ozone program like EcoTex.”

The industry’s first extensive, independently conducted study determined that cold-water ozone laundering can extend the useful life of linens, which is a substantial budget line item for hospitality, healthcare and other institutions.

“On top of the savings to be realized with lower water and energy consumption, getting a longer lifecycle for linens is a huge advantage,” Tapp said. “Traditional hot-water washing weakens the fibers in linens. Ozone oxidizes soiled laundry and therefore makes it easier to remove. Combined with no chemical residue, ozone may use fewer rinse steps, reducing wear and tear on textiles. One of our customers estimated that since he started using EcoTex, it has helped reduce linen replacement between 20% to 30% annually.”

Another customer took it a step further after attending a ClearWater conference on EcoTex. Jerry Schaumburg Jr., owner and president of Lapsco Inc. in Stuart, Fla., documented its performance on individual machines and figured switching to EcoTex was the right thing to do.

“EcoTex does what they say it will do. Unlike most other ozone systems, EcoTex diffuses ozone from individual generators directly into each washer," Schaumburg said. "Ozone is programmed in at a precise level and calculated to work most effectively with the chemistry formulation, which is custom tailored for linens processed by the laundry operation.

“Along with considerably less energy required,” summed up Schaumburg, “there is a major reduction in the wear and tear on the machines. And what a difference it makes on fabric.”