Intellihot introduces point-of-use disinfection tankless water heater

May 11, 2023
The Legionator heats water with quartz tubes and injects ozone gas into the water, mitigating bacteria in both the water and plumbing.

Intellihot, a designer/manufacturer of built-environment systems, announced that it has released the Legionator, the world's first point-of-use disinfection tankless water heater.

Legionella can often grow in stagnant, lukewarm water found in cooling towers, spas/hot tubs, fountains, and traditional tank-type water heaters. But, depending on a building's water system usage, Legionella can also grow in faucets, valve seats, and showerheads. Hard water scale in such locations exacerbates the problem. Once colonization occurs it is extremely difficult to eliminate Legionella just through periodic flushing.

The Legionator reduces the potential for Legionella at the point of use by using technology developed by Intellihot, including a built-in ozone generator and quartz scale-free heating.

Here is how it works: A set of quartz tubes heats water as soon as water starts flowing. As the water is exiting the unit, ozone gas is injected into the water, mitigating the bacteria in water as well as within the faucet valve seats and aerators.

"Safe water is a priority for us, and Intellihot tankless water heaters have earned a reputation for their effectiveness in fighting Legionella," said Intellihot CEO Sri Deivasigamani. "With the invention of The Legionator, we're taking the fight to the point of use."

Intellihot says that it will be rolling out its new product through its preferred plumbing distributors.