Jun 26, 2009

MIOX Corp. Provides Disinfection for China's City of Dreams

Luxury resort in Macau, China, opened in June 2009

swimming pool water treatment in China's city of dreams

MIOX Corp. was chosen by City of Dreams, a premier entertainment and gaming complex in Macau, China, to provide disinfection solutions for the resort’s spas and swimming pools.

In partnership with their exclusive distributor, MIOX Asia, Ltd., Hong Kong, MIOX Corp. installed eight mixed-oxidant units, with production capacities ranging from 4 lbs to 25 lbs of free available chlorine per day, in the aquatic facilities of three City of Dreams hotels.

Three MIOX SAL-40 units and one MIOX-251 unit were installed at five vitality pools, a hot pool and swimming pools at the Crown Hotel. In addition, four more MIOX units were installed at the Hard Rock Hotel and the Hyatt.

MIOX’s clean technologies treat water using only salt, water and power to generate a dilute disinfectant on site.

“MIOX creates a healthier, safer environment for guests and staff of City of Dreams,” said Carlos Perea, MIOX president and CEO. “Mixed oxidants eliminate the need to handle dangerous concentrated chlorine and inactivate a wider range of microorganisms than traditional chlorination technologies, decreasing the risk of waterborne diseases, outbreaks and illnesses.”

“MIOX on-site generation was selected over ozone and delivered sodium hypochlorite,” added a project consultant. “The unique chemistry of mixed oxidants improves the bather’s experience by eliminating chlorinous odors, eye and skin irritation. In addition, MIOX technologies rid pool surfaces of slime, bacteria and algae.”

City of Dreams opened its doors to visitors in June 2009. Built on Macau’s Cotai strip, it features three luxurious hotels with 2,200 guest rooms and suites. Hard Rock hotel, Hyatt and Crown Towers offer world-class entertainment, stylish bars and lounges, shopping and a spacious gaming experience.