Canadian University Discovers Legionella in Six Buildings

May 10, 2018
The University of Windsor has shut off hot water taps in the six building with compromised water quality

The University of Windsor has turned off hot water taps in six buildings after discovering Legionella bacteria. The university, located in Ontario, Canada, faced a similar incident last year when seven local cases of Legionnaires' disease occurred in late summer. Since then, the university has frequently tested the water quality monitoring for the bacteria, as reported by The Windsor Star.

Of the six buildings impacted, none of them serve residences and all of them had signs of Legionella during the previous year. University officials say the next step is to flush the pipes and re-test the water quality.

“It’s very difficult to actually pinpoint the source of the bacteria because it is literally everywhere,” Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Spokesperson Lora Piccinin said. “It’s in natural water sources, the soil, water systems, cooling towers. It’s a real challenge finding where is the portal of entry into a system.” 

The university will continue to monitor the bacteria and will not resume hot water in the impacted buildings until water quality tests show the bacteria has been removed.