May 25, 2021

Tennessee Schools Discover Lead in Drinking Water

Collierville Schools in Collierville, Tennessee, revealed drinking water testing results at schools exceeded 15 ppb. 

lead in water

Collierville Schools in Collierville, Tennessee, revealed the results of lead levels in water testing conducted in accordance with the requirements set forth in T.C.A 49-2-133 and Collierville Schools Board Policy 3.212.

The sample results revealed lead levels above the regulatory limit (15 ppb) at four sources, reported the Collierville Schools website.

The results showed elevated lead levels at Collierville Elementary (22 ppb), Tara Oaks Elementary (54.5 ppb and 16.3) and West Collierville Middle (48.8 ppb).

The sources with elevated lead levels have been removed from service and will remain out of service until sample results show lead levels below the regulatory limit, according to the Collierville Schools website. 

According to the requirements, if the results show lead exceeding the 15 ppb limit but are below 20 ppb, the school will conduct lead level tests on an annual basis until tests show that the lead levels are under 15 ppb. If test results show that lead levels equal or exceed 20 ppb, the school must immediately remove the drinking water source from service. If corrective action is taken, retesting will occur within 90 days.

The Director of Schools/designee is also required to notify the appropriate authorities within 24 hours of a test result showing that lead levels equal or exceed 20 ppb. Parents or guardians are also required to be notified within five business days of the test results as well, according to the requirements. 

According to a spokesperson for the district, where the elevated lead levels were found at West Collierville Middle School was inaccessible to students or staff and the water source at Collierville Elementary was only used for handwashing, reported WMC Action News 5.

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