Communities Celebrate Water During Drinking Water Week

Water professionals continue to emphasize the importance of drinking water during Drinking Water Week

During Drinking Water Week May 6 to 12, the American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) joined water professionals across North America in highlighting the importance of a safe, reliable water supply to our overall quality of life—from public health protection and fire suppression to the role it plays in supporting the economy.

“Tap water is such an integral part of our daily lives that we sometimes don’t notice its immeasurable value,” said AWWA Executive Director David LaFrance.

Public Health Protection
In a world where an estimated eight million people die every day from preventable waterborne diseases, people in North America can drink from virtually any public tap with a high assurance of safety. Without our modern water systems, diseases such as cholera and dysentery would be a tragic part of our everyday lives.

Fire Protection
In the United States and Canada, more than 1.5 million house fires occur each year. While most of us never think about fires until they occur, there is a vast network of water infrastructure in place to protect us when they do. Simply put, a water system that provides reliable water at a high pressure and volume can be the difference between a manageable fire and an inferno.

Support for the Economy
Though often taken for granted, tap water is critical to the daily operations of existing businesses and to the vitality of new commercial enterprises and residential developments. From foods and beverages, to toothpastes and perfumes, water is the primary ingredient in hundreds of thousands of everyday products. Therefore, the availability of water resources and service has a profound effect on job creation and overall economic prosperity.


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