Sep 19, 2011

Companies Announce License Agreement to Develop Pharmaceutical Disposal Products

Verde Environmental Technologies obtains developing rights for products designed to adsorb pill ingredients

Teikoku Pharma USA Inc. (TPU) announced a license agreement with Verde Environmental Technologies Inc., a company aimed at developing environmentally responsible solutions for pharmaceutical disposal. Verde obtained rights to develop products designed to adsorb and inactivate the active ingredients in pills, tablets, capsules and topical patches based on patented technology developed and owned by TPU.

“We are very pleased that these new product ideas that were generated from our research led to this important new development,” said TPU CEO Masahisa Kitagawa.

“The products being developed by Verde will address the growing issue of pharmaceutical contamination of groundwater supplies. By providing an effective means of adsorbing the active ingredients, this will help keep waste pharmaceuticals from appearing in the water supply,” said Verde Chairman and CEO Andrew Korey. “In addition, these developments will provide anti-abuse features, and improved safety by diminishing the risk of accidental poisoning from active pharmaceuticals disposed in trash.”