Companies Sponsor Clean Water Mission to Honduras

Platinum Advertising and Pure Water for the World partner to sponsor Rotary Intl.’s expedition

Rotary International Honduras Clean Water Mission Platinum Advertising Pure Wat

In partnership with Rotary Intl. and Pure Water for the World, Platinum Advertising is sponsoring 10 Rotary members to travel to Las Trojes, Honduras, April 14 to 20 to help install a sewage system, build lavatory facilities and link pure water filters in remote regions on mountaintops up to 4,000 ft in altitude.

"Platinum Advertising is excited to contribute to the global community this year. Each year, innocent children suffer and often expire from debilitating illnesses caused by bacteria in their water supply," said Platinum president and CEO Bill Siveter. "Platinum is privileged to have the capital resources and enthusiastic support to undertake a project that will help prevent the spread of disease and save lives through the production of sanitary water that is desperately needed in Honduras."

Pure Water for the World is a nonprofit organization that provides adaptable water purification systems free of charge to communities without access to a quality drinking water supply worldwide. Platinum's contribution will fund the cost of enough filters for the entire village.


Platinum Advertising

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