Jan 25, 2012

Company Announces Improved Chloramine-Resistant EPDM Materials

New technology shows 50% less volume swell than other materials on the market

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics announced the development of a new technology to improve chloramine resistance of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer) materials for use in plumbing applications. The new compounds have shown no signs of degradation with minimal volume swell after four weeks of accelerated immersion. The volume swell was 50% less than the leading EPDM material on the market, making the new technology ideal for long-term sealing applications.

“As a supplier of seals and assemblies to the plumbing industry for many years, we conduct extensive and ongoing studies involving advanced chemistry and new compounding trials. As a result, we discovered this new, proprietary technology,” said Haiying Zhou, chief chemist for Minnesota Rubber and Plastics.

The new compounds can be applied to EPDMs of various hardness, including self-lubricated versions. They are compatible with injection, compression and transfer molding processes, making them adaptable to a wide range of production requirements, including very small to very large components and low to high volume production quantities. The materials are expected to pass NSF 61 requirements for drinking water applications in the near future.