Jun 02, 2016

Company Introduces Wireless Monitoring System

Reliance Detection Technologies product includes alarm and automatic shut off

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Plumbing leaks are inevitable, but homeowners and businesses can have peace of mind knowing their property is protected from unseen plumbing water leaks and frozen pipes with wireless alarm products.

Reliance Detection Technologies introduced the RS-360, a wireless alarm and automatic water shut off system that protects entire homes and facilities from plumbing leaks and frozen pipes. It includes several other special features and benefits like:

  • Reduced insurance claims and insurance premium discounts;
  • No hard wiring. The system is wireless and provides onboard battery backup during power outages;
  • A closed loop wireless system with self-monitoring capabilities;
  • Water conservation; and
  • Smart home and building friendly design.

The product—which is configurable to meet the standards of large and small installations—protects collectibles and other valuable property and equipment. It is made in the USA with live technical support from RDT's Connecticut headquarters during normal business hours.

For smaller areas of coverage, the product line of appliance-based leak alarm and shut-off kits, localized leak protection systems and basic water alarms also are also available.

The RS-360 is available through select wholesale suppliers and dealer installers. For additional information, or to find an authorized distributor, visit www.RelianceDetection.com.