Feb 03, 2012

Company Partners With UNESCO-Led Indonesia Program to Help Provide Clean Water

Water treatment project in Sumatra aims to help communities access potable water

In Indonesia, a partnership between Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) and the Man and Biosphere Program (MAB) Indonesia – LIPI is working to bring clean drinking water to millions of people in the heart of Sumatra. MAB Indonesia – LIPI is part of the global UNESCO-led Man and Biosphere program, which is designed to develop Indonesian Biosphere Reserves.

The community-based project, now in its pilot stage, could help create local water treatment systems for communities in remote parts of Indonesia with limited access to clean water. The pilot stage is the first in a long-term plan to develop the bio-village concept in the Giam Siak Kecil-Bukit Batu (GSK-BB) Biosphere Reserve in Riau province, Sumatra, where communities are encouraged to systematically manage their natural resources in a more sustainable, balanced manner.

“By helping address the basic needs of communities, we are helping people to use natural resources in a more sustainable way. Water is one of the world’s most vital natural resources and it is becoming an increasingly limited commodity. This project will help to address the ongoing clean water shortages experienced by millions of Indonesians,” said Aida Greenbury, managing director of sustainability & stakeholder engagement for APP.

Currently the main source of water for villagers in the area can be hazardous for human consumption. The project is being piloted in Tanjung Leban, an area in the GSK-BB reserve. The units have been produced based on a design from Research Center for Limnology – LIPI and MAB Indonesia. Following the installation of the units, members of the local community will be trained in their use and maintenance. Each unit can produce up to 60 liters of potable water per minute, enough to provide an ongoing supply for approximately 100 families.