Oct 16, 2015

Company Releases Filtered Water Bottle

A gravity-fed filtration system filters water on its way into the bottle

Nubo Bottle Company filtered water bottle

Nubo Bottle Co. announced the release of its Gen II filtered water bottle. Both ends of the bottle are removable for cleaning, and a gravity-fed filtration system filters water on its way into the bottle.

"With all major beverage manufactures targeting bottled water, over 100 billion throw-away bottles were produced last year alone. The sad truth is that only 10% of these disposable, single-use bottles ever get recycled,” said managing director Dr. Abraham K. Kohl. “The vast majority end up in our oceans, rivers, lakes, parks, streets and sometimes our landfills. Our goal is to reduce this tremendous waste by converting consumers to a reusable filtered bottle."

Nubo's Gen II bottle features Tritan, a BPA-free durable polymer that does not leach chemicals back into the water. The bottle itself fits in most automobile cup holders, has a push-button top that protects the drinking spout and a lock to prevent accidental openings. The bottles gravity-fed filter, located under the bottom cap, filters water on the way into the bottle thereby eliminating the need to suck or squeeze the bottle to drink. While utilizing three stages of filtration, the activated carbon inside Nubo's filter is impregnated with silver, a well known bacteriostatic agent. This helps prevent the normal algae build up seen in most carbon filters. Nubo's filter is good for more than 300 uses and the bottle holds almost 24 ounces of water.