Water-Right welcomes Brad Walsh

Brad Walsh Joins Water-Right

Water-Right, an independent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the water treatment industry, announced the hire of Brad Walsh as regional sales manager. Walsh is responsible for the growth and business management of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Tech Reviews

Chlorine Generator Creates Chlorine From Salt Water Solution

Water-Right's patented chlorine generator conveniently creates chlorine directly from the salt water solution as it enters the unit. During the brine draw cycle, two electric probes are activated. An electric current runs between the probes, which separates the salt compound (NaCl) into chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na). The chlorine keeps the media and inner workings of the system clean; this keeps the maintenance levels of a unit low and extends the life of the media used.

Tech Reviews

Salt Monitor Provides Alarms When Salt Level Is Low

Water-Right's patented salt monitor (Model CV-3395) offers a unique way of watching the salt levels of a softening system. At the beginning of every brine cycle, the saltwater solution flows through the monitor before entering the water softener. The monitor contains two probes that generate electricity between them that takes a conductivity reading of the brine that flows through it. The onboard computer then converts the reading into a percentage value of brine concentration.

Water-Right welcomes Kira Jankowski

Kira Jankowski Joins Water-Right

Water-Right Inc., an independent original equipment manufacturer in the water treatment industry, announced the hire of Kira Jankowski as associate brand manager.

Jankowski is responsible for upholding Water-Right’s brand image and long-term strategy, as well as supporting the company’s marketing strategies and creative campaigns for wholesale distribution, commercial, industrial and private label segments.


A Culture of Education

It can be frustrating to encounter a professional who lacks the answers you need to make an informed decision. You expect the person stocking shelves in the grocery store to know where the kidney beans are, and you assume car salespeople have a basic understanding of cars.

Knowledge and experience become even more important in an industry like water treatment, where customers have complicated questions and perplexing problems.

erik koglin, water-right, clear choice water group

Erik Koglin Joins Water-Right

Water-Right announced that Erik Koglin joined the company as field manager of Clear Choice Water Group (CCWG), the company's professional-level dealer group.

Koglin has spent his career in the water industry, working for Pentair in product management and as a territory sales manager for the Midwest, where he serviced water treatment OEMS, distributors and dealers.

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Water-Right Products Updates Accept Three New Features

Water-Right Inc. announced updates to select WaterCare and Evolve products. The updates will allow the products to accept three new features: Ozone Generator capabilities, Salt Monitoring and a Remote (2nd) Flow Meter option.

Nathan Mianecki, water-right, manager, clear choice water group

Nathan Mianecki Joins Water-Right Inc.

Water-Right Inc. announced that Nathan Mianecki will serve as manager of the company’s network of independent water treatment dealers, the Clear Choice Water Group.

Mianecki officially started working for Water-Right June 1. He works within the sales and marketing team as the Clear Choice Water Group manager. He oversees all aspects of the professional-level dealer groups of WaterCare- and Evolve-branded customers and markets.

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Clear Choice Water Group Concludes Annual Dealer Convention, Conference

Water treatment system manufacturer Water-Right Inc. concluded its annual Clear Choice Water Group "Celebrate Success" convention for its network of independent professional-level water treatment dealers.

The conference, held June 15 to 17 at the Bridgewood Resort and Conference Center in Neenah, Wis., hosted more than 100 representatives of water treatment dealers from across the country, educating members on best practices from industry experts and the Water-Right team.

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Wisconsin Company Updates Website

Water-Right Inc. announced its new dealer resource website is live.

The website features a redesign and layout of Water-Right brands catered toward the well drilling, wholesale and plumbing trades. The new site is mobile-friendly to aid dealers and service technicians in the field.

Brochures, full product manuals and specification sheets are now available, as well as a dealer log-in that houses a resource center. This includes access to industry newsletters, marketing and advertising support, photography and product bulletins and updates.

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Technology Advancement Improves Product Conservation

The Water-Right Group Inc. announced advancements in its Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.). The patented technology reduces the amount of water and salt systems require for regeneration. It conserves household water usage and saves the consumer money.


Disinfection: Understanding Ozone

Ozone is increasing in popularity in U.S. residential water treatment as an alternative to chlorine and potassium permanganate disinfection. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ozone for bottled water production in the 1980s, and it is now approved for food processing. The time has come for ozone to become a standard in residential water treatment as well.

Steve Calahan Water-Right regional sales manager

Water-Right Adds Regional Sales Manager

Steve Calahan took on the position of regional sales manager with Water-Right on Oct. 1, 2015. Calahan will be responsible for the growth and business management for the states of Illinois and Missouri. 

Water-Right Revamped Product Line Redesigned Website

Water-Right Announces Revamped Product Line

Water-Right recently announced the rollout of its revamped commercial and industrial product line through the release of a redesigned and responsive website for the CustomCare brand.

“The redesigned website mirrors the look and feel of our sales literature, product specification sheets and operating manuals," said Kurt Gruett, president of Water-Right. "This uniform, more contemporary look has a clean and vibrant feel to it, and we consider it to be a bold move toward reestablishing CustomCare’s presence in the commercial and industrial markets.”

Mark Russell Todd Ousley Water Right-Inc. Regional Sales Manager Field Manager

Water-Right Hires New Field, Sales Managers

Water-Right Inc. appointed Todd Ousley as its new field manager for Clear Choice Water Group. The company also added Mark Russell as its new regional sales manager for the West Coast, including Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah.  

Kevin Osborn Water-Right Regional Sales Manager

Water-Right Hires New Regional Manager

Water-Right Inc. announced the addition of Kevin Osborn as regional sales manager for the New England region. Osborn holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has more than 11 years of experience in the water treatment industry.


Rental Program Revamp

Here is a story that I have heard far too often over the years:

"John" has been a professional water treatment dealer for eight years. Like many, he built his business from the ground up. By his own admission, he had more determination than money, so things were tight for a few years, but his business continued to grow.

Water Right Inc. Cartridge Filters and Housings Water Filtration

Water-Right Offers Line of Cartridge Filters and Housings

Water-Right Inc. expanded its product offering with a full line of Pentek and Hydronix cartridge filters and housings. Water-Right stocks and distributes a wide variety for virtually any type of water problem, from contaminant removal to taste and odor reduction.

Sediment removal and taste and odor removal cartridges are available in many different sizes and types including polypropylene and pleated, string wound, dual gradient and pleated filter cartridges. Specialty cartridges are also available for use in specific applications such as heavy iron removal or corrosion control.


Water-Right Introduces Odor-Z-Way

Water-Right Inc., a manufacturer of water treatment equipment, announced the addition of Odor-Z-Way products to its line. Odor-Z-Way is made from a synthetic zeolite crystal, which is the same material, although smaller, that is used in Water-Right’s Sanitizer Plus Series and WaterCare’s TotalCare Series water conditioners.


First Professional-Level Convention Held for Water-Right/WaterCare Dealers

Water-Right/WaterCare held their inaugural Professional Level Dealer Network convention May 17 to 19 in Appleton, Wis. The theme of the convention was “Moving Forward Together,” and Water-Right and WaterCare dealers came together from all over the United States to do just that.

The convention kicked off with a tour of the Water-Right facilities and a meet-and-greet welcome reception co-sponsored by Clack Corp. and Pentair Water.