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Arsenic Reduction Systems Remove Contaminants Safely & Efficiently

LayneRT adsorption media is the core component of Nelsen’s arsenic reduction systems. It is a proprietary, durable, arsenic-selective media developed for efficiency and longevity. It is a reliable, high-capacity technology that effectively reduces arsenic to safe levels without wasting water or sending any wastewater back into the environment through the drain.


RO Systems Offer Array of Features for Commercial Applications

NRO Commercial Series reverse osmosis (RO) systems are custom built by Nelsen Corp. to customer specifications. These quality, cost-efficient systems offer a multitude of standard features that are optional on many other RO systems.

NSF-grade high-quality parts are used to build this tough system. All NRO commercial systems are wet tested to optimum pressure and production prior to shipment, and are delivered with individual quality assurance reports to show actual performance data on outputs and rejections.