Bluewater Expo Milan Cascina Triulza

Bluewater Showcases New Water Purifiers at Milan World Fair

Bluewater is showcasing three of its residential and light commercial water purifiers this week at Expo Milan, where exhibitors from more than 140 countries display their products to more than 20 million visitors.

Bluewater is unveiling its latest achievements from June 23 to 29, 2015, at the Cascina Triulza exposition area, along with a range of other companies.

Bluewater Cleone Spirit Pro water purifiers China MOH certification

Water Purifier Series Awarded MOH Certification in China

Bluewater has been awarded Ministry of Health (MOH) product certification for all three of its water purifier series in China: Cleone, Spirit and Pro.

Required for all foreign manufacturers of residential water treatment units, China’s MOH certificate is awarded by the Ministry of Health and is considered one of the most demanding when it comes to meeting qualification and product testing standards.

Bluewater Shanghai Huangpu River

Bluewater Executive Drinks Purified Water From Shanghai River

Like many key waterways worldwide, Shanghai’s Huangpu River is chockablock with industrial and organic trash and probably the last place from which anyone would drink a glass of water. Yet that is just what Sweden’s Bluewater chose to do by pumping water directly up from the polluted waterway through one of its water purifiers and having chief executive Niclas Wullt drink a glass in full public view.

bluewater-water purification-transform europe award

Bluewater Shortlisted for Transform Awards Europe

Swedish-based Bluewater brand and its London public relations and brand communications strategist, David Noble of Rocket Content Marketing Ltd., have been shortlisted as a 2015 Transform Awards Europe finalist in three brand communication categories.

Air Pollution, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Blueair

Blueair Founder Brings Air Pollution Issue to Light

Blueair, a Sweden-based provider of indoor air cleaning technology appliances, said a recent Friends of the Earth claim that air pollution in Scotland is creating a public health crisis highlights the lack of public awareness about toxic pollutants in the air people breathe both outside and inside their homes and offices.

Bluewater Beijing Euroidea

Bluewater Opens First Asian Store

Bluewater has debuted its flagship “Blue House” store-in-store presence in Beijing. Located within the Easyhome store, the Blue House is the first Bluewater flagship retail environment in Asia, which the brand will share with its air-purifying sister company, Blueair.

Bluewater, osmosis, filter, purify

Bluewater Launches Instructional Video Series

Bluewater announced that it launched a library of instructional videos to help customers using its appliances. The short films, available on Bluewater’s YouTube channel and Google+ platform, aim to simplify installation, filter changes and routine maintenance of the company's Cleone, Spirit and Pro models.

Hospital Water Taps Contaminated Bacteria Bluewater Research

Hospital Water Taps Contaminated With Bacteria

New research has found significantly higher levels of infectious pathogens in water from faucet taps with aerators compared to water from deeper in the plumbing system, which Sweden's Bluewater believes underlines the need for additional research to discover how water contamination threatens patient health.

Contaminated water poses an increased risk for infection in immunocompromised patients, according to a study published in the February issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America.

Bluewater spare parts distribution

Bluewater Takes Over Global Distribution of Spare Parts

Sweden’s Bluewater water purification technology brand has taken over full worldwide distribution of spare parts from Sept. 1, 2014, onward for its residential and light commercial water purifiers.

“This move completes our takeover of the water purification business from Dometic,” said Niclas Wullt, managing director of BlueBlue AB, the Swedish company that owns and markets the Bluewater brand.

Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis Launch Beijin 2014 ISH Intl. Trade Show

Swedish Water Purifying Brand Launches Products in China

Sweden’s Bluewater water purification brand launched its SuperiorOsmosis water cleaners to the Chinese residential and professional water purification market at the Beijing 2014 ISH International Trade Fair, running May 13 to 15.

Bluewater North American Launch SuperiorOsmosis Water Purification Aquatech 2014

Swedish Company Launches Purifiers at WQA Aquatech USA

Sweden’s Bluewater water purification brand launched its SuperiorOsmosis water cleaners to the residential and professional market in North America. This water purification technology is designed to generate clean water 24 hours a day and when required, using little energy and slashing the water wastage commonly associated with traditional reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis Aquatech Orlando Florida Purifiers Sweden

Swedish Brand to Launch Water Purifiers in the U.S.

Sweden’s Bluewater brand and SuperiorOsmosis water purification technology will be launched in North America at the WQA Aquatech USA tradeshow in Orlando, Fla., March 18 to 21. Bluewater’s compact water purifiers harness its patented SuperiorOsmosis water purification technology, which turns tap water into healthier drinking water by removing practically all known contaminants.