Falcon Water Tech Llc

Falcon Water Tech. LLC provides MEMBRANE CLEANING TESTING AND RECYCLING services for 8-inch and 4-inch membranes.
We are located in a state of the art facility in Tempe, Arizona. We have the capacity to clean these membranes with precise control of flow, temperature and pH according to membrane manufacturer specifications.
Following are the highlights of our processes:
• Reverse osmosis water is used for cleaning and we have dedicated system for cleaning.
• Pre and post clean membrane testing with test certificate.
• Each membrane may be individually bagged, sealed or vacuum sealed, preserved and boxed as required in specially designed good quality boxes.
• Falcon requests for operating data and operator experience and has a specially designed form for operators to fill out, experts then decide on the cleaning chemicals we can also get cleaning studies and membrane autopsies done.
• We sell New and Used Membranes.
• We work independently or can work in collaboration with your vendors and service providers for Reverse Osmosis unit and stream line your existing processes.

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3101 S Park Dr
Suite B
Tempe, AZ 85282
United States