Consumers Illinois Water Co. Changes Name to Aqua Illinois, Inc.

Customers Will See New Name and Logo over Next Several Weeks

Consumers Illinois Water Co., which serves water to approximately 200,000 residents in seven counties throughout Illinois, officially changed its name to Aqua Illinois, Inc. consistent with the name change of its parent company, Aqua America, Inc., formerly Philadelphia Suburban Corp.

"The Aqua America Board made the decision several months ago to change the company's name to Aqua America to reflect its position as the nation's largest publicly traded water utility based in the United States," explained Aqua America Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis. "We decided to use the name 'Aqua' at all of our subsidiaries as well as the name of the state in which each utility does business. Therefore, in Illinois, the company name changed to Aqua Illinois."

Customers will begin to see the new name and logo over the next several weeks. The first change customers will see will be on their bills and then vehicle and building signage as well as the logos on employee uniforms. However, beyond the new name and logo, the impact of the name change on customers will be minimal. Customers can now find it at"

Aqua America, Inc.

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