Sep 18, 2017

Colorado Prevents Groundwater Contamination

State proposes limit on PFCs in groundwater

Colorado proposes PFC limit

Colorado health officials have proposed to set a state limit to prevent groundwater contamination. Recently, local groundwater was contaminated with firefighting foam containing perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs).

A Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) limit for the PFCs also could give leverage in cleanup by the Air Force, which has confirmed high levels of PFCs spreading from a military air base east of Colorado Springs. More than 65,000 residents who relied on the underground Widefield Aquifer as a water source have had to find alternative supplies or install new water-cleaning systems as a plume of PFCs contamination moves south through the Fountain Valley watershed.

The proposed maximum allowable level of 70 parts per trillion in groundwater—matching a health advisory level the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared in May 2016 for two types of PFCs—wouldn’t be finalized until April, CDPHE Environmental Toxicologist Kristy Richardson said. A boundary has yet to be drawn for where the limit would apply.

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