Jun 11, 2018

EPA Adds Hockessin Delaware Site to Superfund Priorities

Two historic dry cleaners have contaminated groundwater in the area with PCE

EPA adds groundwater contamination site to Superfund National Priorities List
EPA adds groundwater contamination site to Superfund National Priorities List

The U.S. EPA announced the addition of six new sites to the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL), including the Hockensin Groundwater Site in Delaware. NPL consists of sites EPA has prioritized for severe contamination and poised to benefit the community once restored.

EPA originally proposed the Hockessin site to the NPL on January 18. The designation is now finalized following a 60-day public comment period. EPA’s next step will be to conduct a remedial investigation and feasibility study to determine the extent of contamination and assess potential threats to human health and the environment. This also includes evaluation of various cleanup options.

The Hockessin site consists of approximately 32 acres along Delaware State Route 41 through Hockessin, and encompasses numerous commercial, business, and residential properties. An EPA assessment has identified considerable movement of PCE contamination in the groundwater in the village of Hockessin. 

There are two dry cleaners in the area where historical operations may continue to contribute to the groundwater contamination. There may be other sources within the area as well. The Artesian Water Co, uses groundwater wells as the primary source of drinking water in this area. The water company treats the contaminated groundwater, and the final processed drinking water meets all regulatory standards.