Dec 13, 2017

Illinois School District Finds Lead in Five Water Sources

The district assures the public that the sources were not used as drinking water

Illinois schools find lead in water

Five water sources in the Park Ridge-Niles school district near Chicago tested positive for elevated levels of lead. The tests, performed by United Analytical Services Inc., revealed between 5 and 15 ppb.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers water with less than 15 ppb of lead safe, however, Illinois state law requires action to be taken if lead levels are found to be above 5 ppb.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the school district's Director of Facility Management Ron George said, “All functioning drinking fountains at District 64 schools have met national standards and are considered safe for students and staff members to drink from.” The director said that the five water sources with elevated lead levels were not used to for drinking.

All of the water sources with elevated lead levels detected have been shut down until the fixtures can be replaced and the water can be re-tested.

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