Jul 19, 2018

Jackson, Miss., Issues Drinking Water Advisory

The drinking water advisory is due to acidic water and lack of corrosion controls

The city of Jackson, Miss., announced a do not drink advisory for pregnant women and children younger than five due to acidic water and lack of corrosion controls. From January to June, the city failed to maintain a minimum pH level of 9.0 for drinking water from the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant and a level of 8.6 for the distribution system. The minimum pH level is necessary to prevent lead and copper corrosion from the city’s aging infrastructure, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger

Public Works Director Robert Miller has assured residents that there has been no detection of lead or copper in the water supply, but the city is working to maintain the drinking water’s pH level. The treatment equipment was designed for lime, but the city has been using soda ash which clumps in the Mississippi humidity and jams the feed, Miller said. Replacement equipment is expected to cost $500,000.

“This is not an emergency, but in the interest of being safe, not sorry, we’re putting out these suggestions,” Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said of the drinking water advisory.