Jan 17, 2018

North Carolina Searches for Effective Treatment of Emerging Contaminant GenX

Not much is known about the emerging contaminant, including health risks

North Carolina town investigates GenX in drinking water supply

Brunswick County, N.C., has contracted water consultant CDM Smith to work with the Northwest Water Treatment Plant to search for strategies to remove emerging contaminant GenX from the county’s water supply. GenX, an emerging and unregulated contaminant found in non-stick cookware, laptops and cell phones, was recently discovered in the Cape Fear River and drinking water treated at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant by researchers from N.C. State University.

In the search to remove GenX from drinking water, the Northwest Water Treatment Plant plans to experiment with the effectiveness of low-pressure reverse osmosis and ultraviolet advanced oxidation process. According to local news network WECT 6, commissioners expect a report on the experiments findings in mid-April.

Little is known about the emerging contaminant that replaced perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Scant research has been done on the contaminants health effects and risk level as of yet. Chemours, the chemical company based upstream in Wilmington, Del., responsible for the contaminant, has vowed to dispose of wastewater containing GenX offsite.