Sep 05, 2017

Residents Near Arkema Plant to Drink Bottled Water

Evacuation lifted for residents, but residents advised not to drink local water

Residents near arkema can't drink water

Residents in a 1.5-mile evacuation zone around a Crosby chemical plant are allowed to return to their homes after the facility was under the threat of an explosion due to flooding from Harvey.


Arkema gave notice of the lifted evacuation order early Monday morning after consulting with officials monitoring the scene. For now, though, residents are also advised to use protective clothing and drink bottled water until further notice. 


"The Crosby Fire Department and unified command has determined it is safe for residents to return to their homes. The 1.5-mile evacuation zone around the Arkema Inc. facility has been lifted and is no longer in effect," the company said in a news release.


Arkema added the perimeter of the site is secured. The plant was in danger of a large explosion due to flooding from Harvey. The plant took on fires and smaller explosions since late last week.