Contaminated Water Fountains Shut Down at Universal Studios Japan

Municipal health authorities ordered Universal Studios Japan (USJ) to shut off all its 32 cold-water drinking fountains, after high levels of bacteria were found in the water.

Inspectors from the Osaka Health Center took samples from the fountains, following revelations one of the water fountains at the theme park had been dispensing untreated water for nine months.

The samples were analyzed at the Osaka City Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science. Six of the samples contained more than the safe maximum limit of 100 bacteria organisms per milliliter.

The highest level of contamination came from the cold water fountain south of the park's popular ``Jaws'' attraction. None of the samples were found to contain any colon bacilli.

Health officials said the bacteria most likely bred inside the fountain in a reservoir containing water from which the chlorine had been removed by activated carbon filters.

After the city officially informing USJ of the ban, three health inspectors entered the Konohana Ward park to make sure the fountains had been shut down. They will have to be tested again before the ban is lifted.

The Asahi Shimbun

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