Continuous Monitoring System Treats Arsenic in Drinking Water

TraceDetect, Inc. a Seattle, Wash.-based company specializing in the measurement of trace metals announced that a multiyear phase II grant has been received from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, administered by the NIEHS for "A Continuous Monitor for Arsenic in Drinking Water."

TraceDetect will develop inline equipment that will constantly monitor the concentrations of arsenic with measurement performance that is comparable to much costlier offline technologies. Referring to the EPA established 10 microgram/L limit for arsenic in drinking water that will take effect in January 2006, Dr. William Dietze, chief technical officer, TraceDetect, Inc. commented that "Our instruments enable water municipalities to monitor their arsenic treatment systems in order to ensure compliance and run their systems as efficiently as possible."

"Beta sites for the program are currently being developed," added Richard Brewer, chairman & CEO, TraceDetect Inc. "Four systems will initially be deployed at municipal drinking water facilities in the U.S."

TraceDetect's current products include Explorer portable and desktop instruments for a broad range of trace metal measurement applications and SafeGuard automated at-line systems for arsenic, lead and copper. Both product lines use patented Nanoband electrodes that enable accurate measurements in minutes to levels of 1 part per billion (1 ppb) or less.

TraceDetect, Inc.

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