Jul 01, 2020

Editorial Letter: Checking In Part II

This editorial letter originally appeared in WQP magazine July 2020 issue as "Checking In: Part II"

editorial letter july 2020

In my May editorial letter, I took a moment to check in and ask how you are doing. In an industry built on a strong foundation of relationships and connections, pausing to reflect as a whole is critical. Since then, a lot has changed both nationally and globally. 

As of press time, most states have begun phases of reopening following prolonged closures due to the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, pandemic. This means our business practices may begin moving into a “new normal” with a continuous emphasis on hygiene and exploring remote communication options.

Additionally, on June 5, 2020, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA) was signed into law. The act aims to provide more flexibility surrounding the original PPP created under the CARES Act. Notably, the new act adjusts the amount of the loan needed for payroll to 60%, extends the time period to use funds, pushes back the original deadline to rehire workers, and extends the repayment term from two years to five years. If the program has impacted you or your business, don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts with me. I hope it serves as a catalyst for continued business success into 2021 and beyond.

When I asked to “check in” with readers in the May editorial letter, I took that sentiment to heart. In early May, I launched a web-exclusive video series called exactly that—Checking In—aimed at spotlighting industry innovation amid the pandemic, sharing best practices for continued growth, and most importantly, checking in with readers on a human level and asking how you are doing. The series has enabled me to have some incredible virtual, face-to-face conversations with professionals leading the charge of change in our industry and share that key information with you. Check it out at bit.ly/wqp-checking-in.

When we’re coping with unexpected change, pivoting our professional toolkit or putting out fires in our business, it can be easy to get distracted from maintaining the foundation of a great team—the people behind it. As we all spend time strategizing for a post-COVID-19 recovery and into 2021, don’t forget to check in.

About the author

Lauren Del Ciello is Managing Editor for WQP. Del Ciello can be reached at [email protected]