Cott and J.D. Iroquois Enterprises Ltd. Announce Bottle Water Alliance

Cott Corporation has formed an alliance with J.D. Iroquois Enterprises Ltd. to purchase the spring water bottling and bottle-blowing assets located in Revelstoke, B.C. formerly owned by Naya.

Cott said the strategic move allows them to strengthen their reach into the spring water segment - an area of strategic importance for the retailer brand soft drink leader.

"Allying ourselves with J.D. Iroquois Enterprises in this venture gives Cott tremendous access to the western Canada and U.S. markets," said Mark Benadiba, president, Cott Beverages Canada. "Moving forward, Cott is putting significant effort in strengthening its capabilities as a retailer brand supplier of, not only soft drinks, but also bottled water."

Cott will own a 49 percent interest in the new business combination, which will give the Company exclusive supply rights over the private label spring water business. The assets include a state-of-the-art facility and access to mountain spring water. Full terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to bottle the spring water from this pristine and well protected source in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We believe this source, the modern equipment and bottle blowing technology will provide an excellent basis from which to expand our water business in Western North America, as well as providing added opportunity for export abroad," said Victor Rempel, Cott's general manager of the Canadian water division.

"Our partnership with Cott represents a strategic alliance that will expand our Iroquois branded business in the West and Far East," said Dan Villeneuve, president J.D. Iroquois. "It is also a commitment to the people and community of Revelstoke and to sound economic and environmental practices."

Cott Corp.

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