Sep 26, 2012

Countertop-Size Water Purification System Now Available

One Touch Water's water purification system offers green alternative to bottled water

Green Technology One Tuch Water Small Water Systems

One Touch Water secured an online deal with Aquamatic to help customers improve the way they consume water. With an advanced tap water purification technology, the company offers purchase, lease and no-contract month-to-month options for innovative systems that feature bottled water quality but bottle-less technology with do-it-yourself installation and twist off filters for easy maintenance.

One Touch Water's system is available for every family and business throughout the country. Now, 115 million U.S. households and more than 20 million businesses can get instant access to a greener, more affordable alternative to bottled water.

The recent merger of Quantum National Holdings LLC and AquaTal Group enables One Touch Water to offer global and technological innovations with the finance and service options Quantum National Holdings LLC offers. This means that virtually anyone can go green and start saving money today.

Many consumers assume that bottled water is a purer form of the beverage that is captured and bottled at natural springs, but in many cases, bottled water is just a purified version of municipal tap water. The best purified water will go through a five-step purification process and then be filled into a plastic bottle for the consumer to take home. With an innovative point-of-use (POU) filtration technology, this process is available in a small version to fit a kitchen countertop or as a floor stand version. One Touch Water's products tap directly into the customer's municipal water system and process the water through four separate stages of filtration using advanced purification and ultraviolet light technology to deliver water that is healthy and great tasting. There is an option to add a fifth stage—a reverse osmosis stage as a supplemented kit, in certain states where needed.                                                                                         

The POU system is easy for consumers to install and change filters. No special expertise or tools are required, and a contract with Sears Service will make national installations easier upon customer request. A POU bottleless water cooler system provides on demand hot, cold, or room temperature water. It also increases the amount of cups we need to drink daily for optimum health and eliminates the need to handle heavy water cooler bottles or carry bottled water cases home from the store.