Crossfire Technology Video Now Playing

Video shows UV Technologies' Crossfire system in action

UV Pure Technologies Crossfire Technology Video

UV Pure Technologies Inc.’s new Crossfire Technology 3-D video is now playing online.

Featuring the patented Crossfire Technology, at the core of all UV Pure water purification systems, the video tells the story of the advantaged Crossfire Technology in a world of conventional light in a pipe systems.

The video features intimate, rarely seen close-ups of Crossfire Technology’s self-cleaning stainless steel wipers and displays Crossfire’s dual sensors team with the 360-degree elliptical reflectors to effectively de-active the pathogenic invaders.

Viewers will see Crossfire’s dual air-mounted lamps and how easy it is to change them. See this smart,—on-board diagnostics and remote monitoring are available—fail-safe and virtually maintenance-free system in action.

Click here to watch the video.

UV Pure Technologies

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