Dec 12, 2012

Culligan Expands Mobile Water Treatment Solutions Business

Water purification, monitoring and control in a single solution for peaking and base loaded plants

Culligan Matrix Solutions Culligan International Mobile Water Treatment Solution

Culligan Matrix Solutions is expanding its mobile water treatment solutions business in response to increasing demand for this service.

Culligan’s mobile water treatment fleet provides comprehensive multi-level water purification, monitoring and control in a single solution for peaking plants and base loaded plants in the energy and power, oil and gas and chemical processing industries. The modular system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of feed sources (i.e., brackish water, surface water and seawater). It can be operated in a rugged environment and can be installed quickly to seamlessly provide large quantities of water on demand.

Mobile water treatment systems are ideal for fast response, emergency situations, supplemental, or temporary requirements. They are often used to assist industrial customers during plant start up and maintenance outages when the plant’s water treatment system is unavailable or cannot meet the water production requirements.

Culligan’s mobile solutions offer a highly flexible approach that helps customers improve overall efficiency, minimize capital investment costs and reduce energy costs and energy consumption with a system designed to meet their specific requirements. This flexibility also extends to a variety of financial options with sales, rental, leasing and ongoing maintenance programs for faster return on investment.

Culligan’s systems are built on a modular platform, which allows for flexibility and timeliness in meeting customers’ needs.

Culligan’s systems utilize varying technologies depending on the customer’s feedwater conditions, desired application and final product water quality requirements. Pretreatment including clarification, multimedia filtration, carbon filtration and softening is used to prepare feedwater for further use. In some cases, antiscalants and chemicals may be used to address specific feedwater conditions and operational circumstances.

The standard mobile offering includes reverse osmosis, which provides an advanced level of filtration and is an effective barrier to salts, microcontaminants and organic substances, making it ideal for applications where high-purity water is needed. The company also offers deionization solutions, which help reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) from water and produce high quality multi-mega ohm water for specialized applications.

Culligan’s mobile units are available as containers that can be dropped off at the customer site as well as skid-mounted systems. A standard container produces 200 gal per minute, and the capacity is scalable to meet the customer’s needs.

Culligan’s recently awarded contract with a major chemical company is an example of how a mobile solution achieved multiple customer goals.

This project commenced with installation of a single Culligan mobile system at a plant that produces specialty chemicals used in the electronics industry. Over the course of several months, the system was evaluated to determine its efficacy in producing higher quality feedwater for use in its products. Culligan provided a short term, temporary mobile system that could be transitioned into a permanent approach.