Oct 02, 2012

Culligan Filtration Products Make Consumers Digest Best Buys

The PIT-1 water filter pitcher and the US-EZ-1 under-sink drinking water filter system are certified to improve the taste of water

Culligan International Water Filtration Drinking Water Consumer Digest Best Buys

Culligan's PIT-1 water filter pitcher and US-EZ-1 under-sink drinking water filter system have both been named Consumers Digest Best Buys and are featured in the July/August 2012 print and online editions of the magazine. The Best Buy designation in the water filtration systems category is based on the products' features, warranty and the number and efficiency of contaminants that are removed.

The PIT-1 combines a two-quart capacity with a filter replacement indicator that alerts users to change the filter. The filter helps reduce mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine taste and odor, particulates and sediment. Another benefit of the pitcher is its space-saving oval design, which fits in most refrigerator doors. The spout cover prevents the transfer of refrigerator odors into the pitcher itself, and the handle is ergonomically designed for easy pouring.

For filtered tap water, the US-EZ-1 system uses quick-connect fittings for easy installation, and the replacement filters are less expensive than competing models. The system produces healthier, better-tasting water for drinking and cooking, and reduces bad taste and odor, particularly chlorine.

All Consumers Digest Best Buy models are certified to improve the taste of water by NSF Intl., the Water Quality Assn. and Underwriters Laboratories under the standards of the American National Standards Institute.

The products are both available online, in stores and home centers, and at select Culligan dealerships across the country.