Culligan, PurePulse Agree to Codevelop Pulsed Light Water Purification Systems

Flash Intense Light Used to Eliminate Microbial Contamination

Culligan International Co. and PurePulse Technologies, a subsidiary of Maxwell Technologies, Inc., announced that Culligan and PurePulse have entered into an agreement to collaboratively develop water purification systems that employ PurePulse's proprietary PureBright pulsed light technology to eliminate microbial contamination. PurePulse initially will receive license fees based in part on certain development milestones and, ultimately, would receive royalties based on product sales.


The PureBright process, which also is used in bioprocessing an medical product sterilization applications, employs brief flashes of broad spectrum pulsed light 90,000 times more intense than sunlight at sea level to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and other microorganisms that can transmit disease.


"Culligan's unmatched brand recognition, development capabilities and global marketing and distribution network make it the ideal collaboration partner for PurePulse," said Tec Toch, president and chief executive officer of PurePulse Technologies.


The development agreement is consistent with the company's strategy of aggressively pursuing new technology to maintain its leading-edge position in the water treatment industry, reported Greg Norgaard, Culligan's executive vice president.


"The PureBright technology has demonstrated its ability to reduce microbial contamination, and we are very interested in applying it broadly in water purification to include both consumer an commercial markets," he said.


In addition to working with Culligan to develop water purification systems, PurePulse is collaborating with several other companies to apply the PureBright technology for pathogen inactivation in the production of blood products, vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.

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