Culligan Reaches Licensing Agreement With Sulfur-Tech

Culligan International Co. reached a licensing agreement with Sulfur-Tech Water Systems, Inc., Toledo, Ohio., that will have significant impact on Culligan's product portfolio and enhance Sulfur-Tech's distribution network.

The agreement allows Sulfur-Tech to exclusively supply Culligan dealers with a duel-patented system that removes high levels of hydrogen sulfide without the need for daily chemical additives. Called the Sulfur-Blaster, the low-maintenance system removes a range of hydrogen sulfide from 10 ppm to 100 ppm with zero bleed through.

"This agreement is an important part of Culligan's goal to maintain a leading edge advantage when it comes to technology in the water treatment industry," said Lance Fitzgerald, Culligan's director of product development. "The addition of the proven Sulfur-Tech technology opens a new market for our Culligan dealers and provides a much-needed solution for the Culligan customer with high sulfur in their water supply."

Edrice (Eddie) Bakies, vice president of Sulfur-Tech, said, "We feel fortunate to have been selected to join this group of water treatment professionals and to have our products exclusively represented by Culligan. Through our dealers, we will continue our reputation for providing an exceptional product, exemplary customer service and integrity, and for our never-ending pursuit of excellence."

Culligan Intl. Co.

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