Dec 20, 2012

Database Tracks Aquatic-Related Incidents Worldwide

Searchable fields include pool type and incident type

Worldwide Aquatic News Incident Database National Swimming Pool Foundation

Worldwide Aquatic News Incident Database (WANID), a searchable database, has been developed by the nonprofit National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). The database tracks global aquatic incidents that occur in, or are related to, swimming pools and hot tubs. These events may result in injury, illness and death. It also tracks aquatic-related lawsuits and pool closures. The foundation provides access to the database at no charge for educational purposes. The detailed information system began first data collection in May 2006 by drawing from online news reports. Although the database is not completely comprehensive, it contains about 2,500 records thus far.

“We have been tracking and categorizing news stories for years to help us understand the issues in our field,” said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of NSPF. “Understanding issues empowers us all to undertake solutions.”

WANID searchable fields include pool type (residential or commercial), incident type (17 choices), country, state, date range, age, gender and ethnicity. A hyperlink to the original news report from which the data was collected and a photo associated with the story are also available. Users can pinpoint specific incidences depending on their interests.

The database tracks the following types of incidents: air quality, bodily fluid, chemical exposure, chlorine spill/leak, drowning, injury/accident, lawsuit, pool closure, RWI–Cryptosporidium, RWI–E.Coli, RWI–Giardia, RWI–Legionnaires' Disease, RWI–MRSA, RWI–Norovirus, RWI–Pseudomonas A., shallow water blackout and suction entrapment.

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