Jun 12, 2018

World Bank Approves India's Groundwater Recharge Plan

The plan, which stresses community engagement, comes at a crucial time when towns such as Shimla and Bangalore are facing drought and severe water scarcity

World Bank approves groundwater recharge plan for parched India
World Bank approves groundwater recharge plan for parched India

The World Bank has approved the Indian government’s plan to recharge groundwater and maintain water levels. The plan, called Atal Bhujal Yojana (ABHY), will total $902 million USD and has been formed by India’s Ministry of Water Resources (MWR).

The project will aim to improve groundwater management in priority areas through community participation and is slated to benefit more than 8,000 villages in more than 70 districts. While little information is currently available to the public regarding the plan, MWR released a statement stressing the community involvement necessary for groundwater recovery.

The plan comes at a crucial time where groundwater levels have reached an all time low with the mountain tourist town of Shimla running completely dry. Other cities, such as Bangalore, face the impending threat of water scarcity due to a combination of a retreating groundwater table and leaky pipes.

The plan is scheduled to be implemented over a five year period from 2018-19 to 2022-23, as reported by The Hindu.