Dectron Acquires Technology that Pulls Water From Air

Dectron Internationale Inc. announces the acquisition of a unique patented technology that can transform humid air into potable water. International Water Maker, a Florida-based firm whose assets were acquired by Dectron in exchange for Company shares, developed this technology.

The technology involves extracting significant amounts of moisture from the air using a patented process. The Company believes that this unique technology surpasses any other water-generation technology currently on the market. Using minimal energy, it provides filtered, de-mineralized water to a variety of applications.

Many countries are presently water stressed, especially in tropical areas where the air is humid. For human consumption alone, water represents a fast-growing multi-billion dollar industry. Whether for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural or even military requirements, this technology responds to glaring needs.

Systems generating hundreds of gallons of pure water per day have already been built and are exceeding customers' expectations. This technology requires just an energy source, thereby eliminating the need to transport, dispense, store or supply water. These advantages result in a clear improvement in sanitary conditions and major operating savings for many industries.

"This growth avenue is promising and it provides the perfect complement to our current activities," said Ness Lakdawala, president and chief executive officer of Dectron. "With our expertise in dehumidification and filtration, we now possess proprietary technology on two of the most essential and increasingly scarce elements for survival, clean air and water."

"With our manufacturing capacity and our vast distribution network, we expect to achieve tremendous commercial success with this technology. Several units have already been built and are being put to the test in various environments. Market enthusiasm is such that we are very anxious to start manufacturing and marketing this product line," concluded Lakdawala.

Dectron Internationale Inc.

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