Dectron Internationale Provides Water from Air to Chevron in the Gulf of Mexico

Dectron Internationale Inc. sold to Chevron USA, through its subsidiary, International Water Makers Inc., a patented Moisture Recovery Unit (MRU) to supply pure water, preprogrammed for automatic on-line gas turbine blade cleaning.

The MRU system has been designed to generate significant quantities of water from the ambient air surrounding the platform. Once generated, the water will be filtered through Dectron's 5-stage purification and deionization process to render it safe for both turbine washes, and potable use accordingly.

Compared to the traditional method of stopping the turbines for a manual wash approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, the MRU's microprocessor controlled on-line system cleans the turbine blades without the need for shutdown, generating significant savings from increased production. An added feature available on the MRU is its Remote Monitoring & Control capabilities via Ethernet.

Dectron Internationale Inc.

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