Department of Environmental Resources Management Awards Accela $4 Million Contract

New system selected by renowned regulatory agency to automate its public services and safeguard the environment

Accela, Inc., a provider of government enterprise management solutions, announced that the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) selected the company's Web-based software solution, Accela Automation, to be implemented within the department. The new system will become DERM's Environmental Enterprise Operations System (EEOS) and will give the department the tools needed to streamline its services and preserve the Florida environment.

The mission of DERM is to protect and conserve the land, water and air resources of Miami-Dade County, which is composed of 31 municipalities and is home to more than 2.2 million people. The new system provides DERM with an integrated computerized system to streamline the many requests coming through its various business units.

All divisions will have access to data and information about a license, permit or other department information from a central database. Using the product's GIS viewing functionality coupled with the department's own GIS system, DERM employees will have direct access to view geographic representations of all land-use and zoning information associated with a permit, a task that they currently perform manually.


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