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It has been an exciting spring at Water Quality Products (WQP). Let me bring you up to speed on some recent changes and improvements.

Digital Issue

WQP is now offering a digital version of the magazine, which provides an easy-to-navigate option for international subscribers or other readers who prefer to see WQP delivered on screen rather than on paper. The current digital issue will always be available for browsing on

Dealer Insight e-Newsletter & Special Section

We recently redesigned our monthly Dealer of the Month e-Newsletter, which is now Dealer Insight. Reader surveys tell us that sales and business information is important to you, so along with our Dealer of the Month profile article, we are including a short business tip from an industry veteran as well as relevant industry news. To subscribe to Dealer Insight or any of our other e-Newsletters, visit and click on the Newsletter link at the top of the page.

This redesign coincides with our annual Dealer Insight special section (see pages 17 to 20), which provides a snapshot of our Dealer of the Year award presentation at the WQA Aquatech USA 2010 show in Orlando. Ernie Wilmink of “The Key” Water & Air Intl., Inc., was voted the 2009 Dealer of the Year by newsletter subscribers. This special section also offers business advice to owners and dealers. As tentative optimism in the economy is growing, it is more important than ever to strategically plan for the future of your business.

Signs of Life

Experts and economists point to encouraging economic signs, signalling that an upturn is indeed on the way. The key is to be positioned as a leader when the waves of the upturn start to reach the shore. Here are some signs of life in the economy:

  • In a recent update, the Federal Reserve Board announced interest rates will remain low, and small business owners are seeing signs of an uptick, even if reserved.
  • Warren Buffett recently told CNBC that the economy began to show signs of “real strength” in March and April, noting an increase in consumer demand as well as manufacturing activity.
  • In another interview with The Wall Street Journal, Buffett cautioned that the housing segment in his own business operations is still lagging, but that a recovery in the housing market should be sustainable, rather than the “irrational building” that fed the last crash in that market.


We need your input and suggestions to make special sections and newsletters like Dealer Insight as successful and beneficial as possible. What challenges is your business facing right now, and how do you plan to respond? What questions do you have about moving forward? Chances are you are not the only one asking questions—let us know and we can ask an expert to respond. Do you know a dealer who is implementing creative solutions to challenges they are facing? Give us the tip so we can profile that dealer as a Dealer of the Month. Send your questions, comments and suggestions to [email protected].

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Rebecca Wilhelm is managing editor of Water Quality Products. Wilhelm can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1007.