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Clearwater, USA 33765

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Scaleblaster is cost-effective, high-tech alternative to salt-using water conditioning systems. Without salts or any maintenance, the company’s UL-listed ScaleBlaster product dramatically reduces water hardness at the same time that it eliminates limescale—mineral deposits that foul water pipes and downstreamdevises. ScaleBlaster units operate by inducing a dynamic electric field inside the incoming water pipe. Molecular-level agitation produced by this field causes scale-forming minerals to come out of solution as nonadhesive particles that pass harmlessly out of the system. As a result, new scale does not form and existing scale—now exposed to soft, solvent water—wears away.

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Cooling Water Chemical/Treatment

Scale Control System

Aug. 15, 2012
ScaleBlaster eliminates the formation of lime-scale deposits in pipes, cooling towers, boilers and more. The integrated circuitry system produces a complex modulating frequency...

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Water Softening Equipment

Electronic Scale Treatment

March 27, 2002
Electronic water conditioning cleans up scale and softens water for various applications cleans up scale and softens water for various applications