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National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. NTL performs water analysis for customers worldwide according to USEPA and Standard Methods. We test for compliance and informational purposes and hold certifications across the United States. The achievement of ISO 17025:2005 accreditation is a confirmation of our commitment to providing the highest quality services and support to all of our customers.

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Testing Equipment/Kits

National Testing Laboratories Testing Kit

Jan. 27, 2020
The Problem Check test package analyzes water for 20 of the most common nuisance contaminants. Developed to uncover aesthetic problems, especially with iron, this test includes...
Contaminant Removal

National Testing Laboratories Colorimeter

Jan. 23, 2020
NTL now offers onsite testing equipment and supplies, including the Aquaking, a colorimeter preprogrammed to run up to 60 contaminants such as iron, manganese, nitrate, hardness...
Sales Tools, Closer

Sales Program

Feb. 27, 2013
The new Dealer Advantage Program is a comprehensive sales package designed to give dealers tools they need to sell more equipment. The sales tools include test kits, test meters...
Water Testing


July 27, 2012
National Testing Laboratories (NTL) offers a new testing package geared toward individuals on city water supplies. The new City-Check covers contaminants likely to show up in ...
Testing Equipment/Kits

Test Package

July 27, 2012
The Complete RO Screen was developed with input from membrane manufacturers and treatment professionals. This package tests for most factors that can reduce the life of an RO ...
Water Testing

pH Buffers & Storage Solutions

July 23, 2012
National Testing Laboratories Ltd. offers pH buffers and storage solution, which is essential to maintaining pH meters. It also offers a variety of conductivity and TDS calibration...

Articles & News

NTL TR Glyphosate
Tech Reviews

Testing Kit Detects Glyphosate in Water

Nov. 4, 2019
Updated 11/4/19 Glyphosate is an herbicide that is regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act. It is an ingredient in Roundup, a widely used herbicide, as well as more than 700...
Water Testing

Testy History

Jan. 3, 2017
A century of evolution in microbiological water testing
Water Testing

Testing: Assessing Lead Risks

May 25, 2016
Understanding the regulations & procedures for public water supply lead testing

Regulations: Drilling for the Facts

Oct. 13, 2015
EPA report evaluates fracking’s effects on drinking water resources
Puzzle Graphic
Well Water Treatment

Solving the Water Quality Puzzle

Jan. 16, 2015
Water testing is a key piece to solving water treatment challenges
Radon Removal

Water Radiation

Oct. 29, 2014
Risks, testing & treatment of radionuclides in drinking water
Water Testing

Testing for Treatment

Jan. 16, 2014
Considering customer needs and wants for water quality
Water Reuse

Drinking Water Downpour

Oct. 16, 2013
Regulation & contamination factors for potable rainwater reuse applications
Groundwater Treatment

Water Resource Worries

June 26, 2013
Fracking’s potential effects on drinking water supplies
Tech Reviews

Legal Baseline Testing Provides Documentation for 'Fracking' Cases

Jan. 21, 2013
With all the controversy surrounding the gas drilling business that utilizes hydrofracturing, also known as fracking, it is important to get the correct test performed by a certified...

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Water Testing

Contamination Considerations

Nov. 15, 2012
Evaluating factors for testing groundwater quality
Water Testing

Questions for Proper Testing

Oct. 9, 2012
Evaluating source water to determine proper treatment
00_Marianne Metzger 2
Groundwater Treatment

Danger Ahead

June 28, 2012
About the author: Marianne R. Metzger is GPG business manager for National Testing Laboratories Ltd. and a WQP editorial board member. Metzger can be reached at mmetzger@ntllabs...
Tech Reviews

Testing Packages Aid in RO System Design

May 23, 2012
When considering reverse osmosis (RO) for water treatment, there are several things that should be taken into account. One of the most important things to consider is the quality...
Well Water Treatment

Battling Bacteria With Chlorine

March 27, 2012
Procedures for chlorinating a private residential well
Tech Reviews

Gas Drilling & Water Testing

Feb. 23, 2012
When testing to establish a legal baseline of water quality due to hydrofracturing (fracking), it is important to work with a laboratory that has experience with these types of...

Strictly Professional

Jan. 25, 2012
Positioning yourself as an expert in water treatment
Groundwater Treatment

Hydrofracturing & The Environment

Nov. 4, 2011
Evaluating gas drilling’s effects on groundwater and air quality
Tech Reviews

Testing Packages

April 22, 2011
National Testing Laboratories Ltd.undefinedNational Testing Laboratories Ltd. now offers testing packages that focus on water from city or municipal supplies. The City-Check product...