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Encinitas, USA 92024
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Filtrex Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and Carbon Block. The Global Ecocarb Activated Carbon division uses a revolutionary gasification technology that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This technology is the basis for their greencarbon line of activated carbon products. Global Ecocarb also specializes in advanced surface modification technologies for enhanced Chloramine, VOC, and Lead reduction. Filtrex Technologies' Carbon Block division specializes in both standard and custom sizes and has developed unique formulations for the reduction of Chlorine, Tastes, Odors, Chloramines, Particulates, Turbidity, VOC's, Cysts, and Lead.

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Carbon Block

April 19, 2019
FX ChloraGuard carbon blocks provide five times more chloramine reduction capacity than standard carbon blocks. With more than 70 million Americans drinking chloraminated water...

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Emerging Contaminants

Emerging to Emerged

June 25, 2019
Methods for removing emerging contaminants from drinking water
Contaminant Removal

Catalytic Carbon for Chloramine Removal

March 15, 2013
Specialized carbon products improve chloramine removal