Oct 04, 2010

District Court Judge Grants Request for Injunction Against Eco Canteen

IBWA requested an injunction due to ad campaign

Judge Robert Conrad of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina granted the International Bottled Water Assn.’s (IBWA) request for a permanent injunction against false and misleading advertising by Eco Canteen Inc., a distributor of reusable stainless steel canteens.

IBWA initiated the lawsuit against Eco Canteen because it felt that Eco Canteen was engaged in a campaign to mislead consumers into believing that PET plastic bottles are unsafe.

The court entered a broad permanent injunction prohibiting Eco Canteen from continuing to make false or misleading claims in ads or on its website, including:

• that plastic bottled water containers contain phthalates and/or that plastic bottled water containers leach phthalates into water;
• that PET single-serve bottled water containers contain BPA;
• that BPA is dangerous or threatening to public health; and
• that the act of recycling PET plastic releases deleterious substances contained in plastic bottled water products.

Conrad also prohibited Eco Canteen from engaging in other acts or practices which tend unfairly or deceptively to compete with or injure the business reputation and goodwill of water bottlers or IBWA.

Eco Canteen has been ordered by the court to immediately halt and remove all print, internet, television and any other media advertisement campaigns or commercial communications containing any false and/or misleading statements regarding plastic bottled water products per the injunction.