Doosan Hydro Technology Applauds NRS Consulting Engineers

On September 10th, the 2007 Desalination Project of the Year was presented to NRS Consulting Engineers, North Alamo Water Supply Corporation and the Brownsville Public Utilities Board at the 22nd Annual WateReuse Symposium held in Tampa, Florida. Doosan Hydro Technology would like to congratulate the winners for their significant impact in the southern Texas community.

As the population in southern Texas rises, local dependence on surface water from the Rio Grande River increases. There has been a growing concern as the Rio Grande Supply diminishes and drought continues to spread throughout the region. Doosan Hydro Technology has worked closely with NRS Consulting Engineers and North Alamo Water Supply Corporation on the North Cameron County and Lasara Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plants.

The North Cameron reverse osmosis treatment plant uses brackish groundwater previously thought to be unsuitable for public consumption. The alternative water source reduces the local dependence on surface water from the Rio Grande River and prepares the community for the upcoming population boom. In addition to the North Cameron and Lasara projects, Doosan Hydro Technology is working with North Alamo Water Supply Corporation on two projects, Owassa and Doolittle, which are currently under construction.

Doosan Hydro Technology, Inc.

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