The Dow Chemical Co. to Host Virtual Conference on the Future of Water

Free event will feature speakers discussing the global water crisis

According to recent estimates, approximately 5.3 billion people – two-thirds of the world’s population – will suffer from water shortages by 2025. To bring attention to the global water crisis, The Dow Chemical Co. announced that it will bring together thought leaders actively working on global water issues in a virtual conference, to provide insight into how chemistry, along with other fields, sectors and stakeholders, can meet the challenge of supplying the world with clean and sustainable water.

Comprised of 60 influential water industry practitioners, non-profit leaders, media, professors and authors from all over the world, the 60-minute “The Future of Water” virtual conference will provide a platform for experts to offer various perspectives and insights on global water supply and management, global scarcity, aging infrastructure, the water-energy nexus and the human dynamics behind meeting the global water challenge.

“Dow is pleased to host The Future of Water virtual conference and help move the conversation forward on global water issues, as we believe the key to sustainable development is found at the intersection of chemistry and collaboration,” said Neil Hawkins, vice president of sustainability and environment, health and safety for The Dow Chemical Co. “This event provides a forum for experts on a variety of topics within the water debate to share their perspectives and then work together to solve an increasingly complex problem.”

Stemming from all walks of life and touching on a variety of themes related to the international water challenge, the 60 speakers will share a sense of the big picture, as well as the on-the-ground reality of the global water crisis, with online participants. Featured speakers include Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO of Acumen Fund; Jeff Seabright, vice president for environment and water resources at the Coca Cola Co.; Lisa Nash, CEO of Blue Planet Network; and William Reilly, chairman of Global Water Challenge.

The virtual conference will take place on June 7 at 11 a.m. and is available to anyone at no cost – at Leading up to the event, visitors will be able to view and share a trailer previewing the conference as well as see a full listing of conference speakers. Conference participants will also have the opportunity to interact with featured speakers and other participants via digital and social media channels. Follow The Future We Create on Facebook and Twitter to participate.

The Future of Water is the second virtual conference in The Future We Create series. The first virtual conference, The Future of Women in Chemistry and Science, was held on March 1, in alignment with Women's History Month. Additional The Future We Create virtual conferences will take place in 2011 and beyond.


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