Nov 19, 2010

Dow Water & Process Solutions Launches New RO Element

Element can help plants reduce operating costs

Dow Water & Process Solutions announced a new development in the company’s reverse osmosis (RO) technology that allows industrial plants to reduce operating costs while maintaining high-quality process water, desalination plants to achieve better rejection from the second pass and system designers to reduce capital and operating expenses. The new Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i is a high-rejection, low-energy element that utilizes advances in membrane chemistry to deliver 99.5% sodium chloride rejection at 150 lb per sq in. (psi).

“This advance in membrane chemistry allows new RO equipment to be designed around lower pressure membranes, meeting permeate quality with up to 30% less energy than conventional brackish water membranes,” said Chris Sacksteder, strategic market manager for industrial water, Dow Water & Process Solutions. “In addition to energy efficiency, with 440 sq ft of active area, the Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i membrane allows fewer elements to be used in a system design. This shrinks the overall system footprint, related energy use and operational costs.”

The Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i element delivers effective rejection of silica, boron, nitrate and ammonium with performance supported by Dow Water & Process Solutions modeling software. The element meets ANSI/NSF 61 certification requirements for drinking water system components.

“Improving product performance is a key element of our research and development efforts,” said Abhishek Roy, research specialist for Dow Water & Process Solutions. “Dow Water & Process Solutions is constantly working to create new options for reverse osmosis that increase both effectiveness and efficiency. For existing systems designed around low-energy membranes, Dow Filmtec HRLE‑440i element provides a replacement option that improves product water quality without additional energy use.”

Dow Water & Process Solutions has applied an advanced manufacturing process that utilizes automated fabrication to yield consistent product quality and performance, as well as patented iLEC interconnectors for more reliable installation and minimized o-ring leakage. The Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i is available as a dry element for improved shelf life and convenience of installation.