Drinking Water Experts to Address Contaminants Found in Water

Inorganic Contaminants Symposium to address drinking water treatment and analysis techniques

CA-NV AWWA Inorganic Contaminants Symposium Drinking Water

Drinking water experts will convene at the Sacramento Convention Center, Feb. 5 to 6, for a symposium focused on inorganic contaminants found in water. The Inorganic Contaminants Symposium will feature presentations and seminars led by U.S. and international experts. Topics include new techniques for treatment and analysis of drinking water, new challenges and risk assessment affecting the drinking water community. The event is hosted by the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Assn. (CA-NV AWWA).

“Some of the best research on water quality issues is happening here in California and we’re thrilled to host this international exchange of knowledge and information,” said Dr. Timothy Worley, executive director of CA-NV AWWA. “Water quality, research and treatment professionals are encouraged to attend and will find the diverse subject matter timely and relevant to their everyday positions.”

Symposium Chair John Consolvo, Philadelphia Water Department, added that while the section will manage all the logistics of the event, presenters will be drawn from across the U.S., Canada, Russia and the Netherlands. “The international scope of this conference remains unchanged, and the broad coverage of inorganic substances affecting different parts of the continent will continue to be a significant part of the program,” Consolvo said.

The Water Research Foundation is coordinating with CA-NV AWWA in planning a technical workshop the day prior to the symposium to make public the results of several related studies on hexavalent chromium, a widely occurring substance that will be regulated by the California Department of Public Health later in 2013. Worley praised the foundation for funding extensive research that will aid state and federal water quality regulators’ efforts to ensure the safety of drinking water.

Registration is now open and discounts are available for regulators, professors and students. Water professionals are eligible to earn contact hours for their participation. For more information about registration, visit the CA-NV AWWA website.



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